Carpets Cleaned by Professionals

Tips to Prepare to Have Carpets Cleaned by Professionals

Over time, after the frequent use, carpets become dirty, worn down and they need cleaning. If you call professional carpet cleaners, some tips will be more than welcome to prepare the house for their visit.
First of all, the floors should be vacuumed. Pet hair, debris, dir,t and crumbs need to be picked up from the carpet. This will allow carpet cleaners to do a more thorough job and to clean the dirt which is deeper in the carpet’s fibers.
It is good to write down the areas of concern. This means that areas which need some special attention should be marked to ensure that carpet cleaning technicians pay attention on them during the cleaning process. One possible solution is to place a blue tape around these areas so to mark and prepare them to be cleaned deeper.
Also, furniture should be moved before the carpet cleaning technicians arrive. Some furniture is too large and access to all parts of carpets because of it can be more complicated. In this way, dolls, toys, and other clutter should also be removed to help carpet cleaning professionals work quickly.
Curtains and drapes should be lifted off the floor so as not to get in touch with the cleaning equipment.
Next, because some carpet cleaning companies have duty trucks full of equipment, an adequate parking area should be provided.
In addition, all breakable items should be removed. Professional carpet cleaners usually move around frequently during the cleaning process and it will be bad to bump into a vase or some other fragile item.
House owners should also prepare to leave their place during the carpet cleaning procedure. Pets which live in the home need to be moved to some other place, because they can get startled by the loud noise of the equipment used in the process of a carpet cleaning.


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