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Removing Oil Out Of Carpet

Know How: Removing Oil Out Of Carpet   Oil spills are maybe the most challenging clean up you’ll ever have to do in your home. When kitchen oil or grease ends up on your hardwood floor, the situation is already frustrating enough. But, when they get soaked into the carpet, you have a serious problem on your hands. Fortunately, oil stains aren’t permanent and they can be removed. Since you can’t put the whole carpet in a washing machine and let the machine do the job for you, it is necessary to have some basic do-it-yourself techniques.  Carpet Cleaning is here to help you. Just follow these simple tricks and you’ll have a good-as-new carpet in no time. BLOT. Before you do anything else, place an absorbent material (towel, a piece of cloth, brown paper bag, etc.) on the stain and blot gently as much of the oil as possible. Only when no more oil appears on the material, you can proceed to the next step. USE AN ABSORBENT POWDER Coat the stain with baking soda or corn starch and