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Using a clothes iron to remove stains

KNOW HOW: Using a clothes iron to remove stains If your chore is carpet cleaning, stubborn stains have probably caused you to be on an edge of a nervous breakdown. They seem to appear every day out of nowhere. It is like nothing that you do for your carpet is good enough and it always looks kind of messy. Stains just show up and they won’t go away easily either. When you are dealing with stubborn stains, there aren’t many options. You can either call a professional to do the cleaning for you, or you can tackle the problem by yourself and try to enjoy a few hours of tiresome work as much as you can. If you pick the second options, you will need some basic knowledge about carpet cleaning. If you don’t have any, don’t worry. We, at Carpet Cleaning, can teach you everything you need to know. Removing carpet stains with iron is quite an interesting and effective method, and we are going to tell you how it works. First step Put one part of vinegar and four parts of warm water in a sp