How to determine your kind of hardwood finish

How to determine your kind of hardwood finish

Although hardwood floors should be low maintenance, taking care of them might be a challenging job. Hardwood floors are quite an investment, and maintaining something as valuable can be stressful. Not knowing what type of finish your floor has, only makes the problem more difficult. In those situations, a lot of things can go wrong and you can end up with a damaged finish. We don’t want that. Just continue reading this article, and we will teach you how to tell apart different types of finish.

  1. Prefinished floors

This kind of finish is the easiest to spot. Pay attention to the boards of your floor. If every board is slightly raised on the edges, there you have it. You have a prefinished floor.

  1. Unfinished or stained floor

This kind of floor is also very easy to spot. If your floor doesn’t look glossy, you have a stained or unfinished floor.

  1. Wax finish

To determine if your floor has a wax finish, you will have to do a small test. Take a white rag with a few mineral spirits. Wipe a spot on your floor with it. If the rag is yellow or brownish, it is most likely that you have a wax floor.

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