Carpet Stretching

What is carpet stretching and does your carpet need one?

Carpets provide natural warmth and comfortable walking surface for bare feet. Even though, interior design magazines present tile, hardwood or stone floors as a high-end trend in home remodeling, good old carpeting is still the most popular form of flooring. Carpets  can be a pricey investment, but they can last for many years if maintained regularly and properly. After years of usage, your carpet might need a repair usually in a form of  stretching.

What is actually stretching? Maybe you have noticed how you carpet wrinkles and gets those lumps, usually around heavy furniture. Those problems are quite common and they are a normal part of carpet aging. This problem may occur when sliding around heavy furniture or when a floor is subjected to a great deal of foot traffic. Poorly done installation of the carpet can also result in this kind of flaws. Small wrinkles are not a problem, it’s the fact that they don’t just go away, they get bigger and more visible. We advise you to call Carpet Cleaning  as soon as you notice that your carpet is getting unfastened. Dealing with this kind of problem requires special tools and equipment, and it is usually advisable to leave it to experienced professionals.

The company you hired, should firstly inspect and estimate the condition of your carpet. Then the whole process of carpet stretching and renewing it begins. After moving all the furniture that might be in a way, professionals should use a power stretcher. Using this special machine is extremely important for the whole process. A knee kicker is a tool usually used to assist power stretcher. After the stretching is done all the excess carpet should be trimmed with the trimming tool. When the whole job is done and your carpet is again as good as new, a good carpet stretching company should clean up and vacuum the room and put the furniture back to its place. The process of carpet stretching is very quick and simple one, but only when it’s done by professionals who have the knowledge and experience required for it. When choosing a carpet cleaning company, make sure to choose wisely.  If you have any questions or concern with this subject, feel free to contact Carpet Cleaning. We are happy to help with a piece of advice

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